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The journey of Allele White has begun -making dreams of gaining fairer and healthier skin reachable to every deserving woman out there. It was presented by the founder and owner, Ms. Isabel Molina at the Poetry and Prose Patisserie located at EDSA Shangri-La.

It was in the year of 2015 when Allele White was finally introduced to the public. Allele White’s Ms. Isabel Molina, presented the following signature products during the event: the Extreme White Body Mask, Instant Whitening Lotion and the Ultra Young + White Beauty Bar.

Ms. Isabel Molina here is photographed together with Mr. Kim Selorio, the Managing Director of Zafirah Philippines during the most-awaited launch event.

SEEING IS BELIEVING. The launch event was filled with product demonstrations and was attended by bloggers who received the good news about immediate whitening, first-hand.



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