Why did you choose the name Allele?

An Allele is part of the human gene that gives us our distinctive characteristics ( e.g eye color, hair color and skin color) most often than not, these are the things we want to change in our bodies and be in control of. So, I thought why not give my product deeper meaning and purpose- Allele White, the answer to those who wants to have a Whiter skin, but were not born with the Allele for fair skin

Is the instant whitening effect of Allele Permanent?

The instant whitening effects of Allele White can be washed off with soap
and water, but can last for more than 12 hours if not washed and the more you use it, the lighter your skin complexion will become.

What is the long term effects of Allele White?

With constant use, Allele White has bleaching/lightening effect that will whiten and
improve texture of your skin.  For best result, use it religiously.

Will Allele White cause any dryness?

Yes. Allele White is a bleaching lotion. It will slowly remove darker upper layers of
your skin to reveal a younger and whiter you. Expect that you will notice mircro-peeling. Simply use an intensive moisturiser twice a week(in the evening) and exfoliate in the morning using a loofah while showering, to reveal a whiter and younger looking skin.

What will I do if I notice any micro-peeling ( sloughing of skin)

I have been using Allele White for 7 years now. What I usually do, I use the glove body scrub everytime I take a bath to help in the exfoliation process. Then, once or twice a week, I  alternate my Allele White with an intense moisturizing lotion (any deep moisturizing lotion without whitening properties). This will allow your skin to rest and be properly rehydrated.

What are the advantages of Allele White over other whitening and instant whitening lotion in the market?

Wider Coverage –  Allele White has wider coverage and has better instant white effect compared to other instant white and instant fair products in the market

Lasts Longer – The instant white effect of Allele White can last for more than 12 hours, can even last the next morning if you will not shower without reapplying. Our competitors’ only lasts for minutes.

SPF 35 – Allele White has the highest SPF in the market belonging to the most affordable range of lotions.

What are the disadvantages of Allele White?

My webpage is about empowering, enriching and enhancing womens’ lives with those in mind, I want to be honest to all of you and tell you the effects of my lotion which I did not like but was able to find a way to deal with. Bottom line, I wanted to be white all the time!

*Sticks on dark-colored bags and clothing
> If you plan on wearing dark colored clothings, be sure to apply Allele White and allow it to dry up to for a few minutes before putting on your dress, to make sure you will not get white patches on your clothing. If you happen to get some lotion on the fabric of your dress, just simply dampen a towel with water and it easily rubs off.

*I get white stains on the handles of my leather bags.
> I use twillies to cover the handle of my designer bags, to prevent direct contact with the lotion.
> I make sure I wipe my palm of excess lotion to prevent white stains on the things I touch.

What is SPF?

SPF is sun protection factor, it is the ability of a lotion to block harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause damage to our skin.

What does the number in the SPF indicate?

SPF stands for sun protection factor and refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. For example, an spf of 15 would allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer than you could without protection. So, if your skin starts to redden in 20 minutes without sun block, applying a product with spf15 increases that time by a factor of 15, meaning you could stay in the sun for 30 minutes. In addition, a higher spf blocks out more rays – a product with an spf of 15 will filter out approximately 93% of UVB rays; spf30 filters out about 97%.

How to choose the best SPF?

Choose a sunscreen that protects against both VVA and UVB. UVA- linked to skin cancer and deeper sun damage, UVB – linked to sunburns. Look for products containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because they protect against the full spectrum of UVA rays.

(Suggested numbers of reapplication:)

Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, soon if you swim or exercise because water, sweat and clothing can remove if from the skin.

Is it OK to be exposed to sunlight while using Allele White?

Yes, Allele White contains spf35, but as suggested by most dermatologist, we should reduce sun exposure even if we are using a product with SPF ( sun protection factor)

Can I use Allele White lotion on my face?

No. The formulation of Allele White is only for the hand and body. And if used on the face, this may cause irritation. Never use Allele White lotion on you face.

Once I've reached the skin complexion that I want, is it ok to stop using Allele White?

It is OK but, Allele White can be used as a maintenance to prevent your skin from becoming dark again and to protect you from the UV rays of the sun.

Can sun exposure affect the result of Allele White on my skin?

Yes. Sun exposure can slow down the bleaching process of your skin, but you will still be protected from further damage, because Allele White has spf35.
We suggest that as much as possible, sun exposure should be kept  at a minimum, but if sun exposure cannot be prevented, apply Allele White every 2-3 hours if you are frequently under the sun, and 2x a day for minimum sun exposure, to ensure you skin is protected.

Is it safe to use Allele White for a long periods of time?

Yes. I have been using Allele White for more than 7 years now and I love the results on me.